Collectively, we want to put our winter gear away but sadly we still cannot. So what a better way to forget about the winter doldrums than by ordering your spring Cape St. Claire Spirit Wear! We’ll be sending the order form home with your child on February 24th for this year’s Spirit Wear fundraiser.

Want to get started looking early? Download your copy of the order form right here and check out what will be on sale. Also, stop by the school, as sample garments will be on display in the school lobby showcase. The sale runs until March 7th, so order them while they’re hot!

Here’s what’s available for Spring 2014:


Cape St. Claire Violet Tee Shirt


Cape St. Claire Orange Tee


Cape St. Claire Neon Yellow Tee

Cape-St-Claire-Navy-with-Gold-Imprint-Mesh Short

Cape St. Claire Navy with Gold Imprint Mesh Shorts

Cape-St-Claire-Carolina-Blue-Tee -Shirt

Cape St. Claire Carolina Blue Tee Shirt


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