Valentine Candy Grams 5th grade fundraiser is back!

5th Grade fundraiser with Candy Grams has begun!

5th Grade fundraiser with Candy Grams has begun!


The 5th Grade Committee is once again happy to bring Candy Grams to Cape St. Claire. This is a great way to send a personal message to your children, grandchildren, teachers and friends. Simply fill and cut out the form here and return them, along with your payment, to school with your child in an envelope labeled “Candy Grams”. Cupid and his friends will pass them out during the school day on February 14th.

In addition, the forms should have come home Monday. Deadline is Monday the 10th. Please try to have them in by the 10th. It’s hard for us to get all of the last minute candy grams done the day before distribution day and if we are going to run out of candy, the day before Valentine’s Day is not the day to go looking, so please, please have pity on the volunteers to assemble the candy grams. Thanks for your continued support!

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