The end of another school year

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May 13, 2014
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The end of another school year

1342819075585_254317We can’t believe it’s almost over. I mean, my goodness where has the time gone? This year, we’ve rejoiced in the countless pounds of paper our children have brought home every day. We’ve seen the joy on their faces after learning something new. We proudly hung their beautiful pictures all over our house.

This past year, a group of people have spent almost as much time with our kids as we have. Teaching them, guiding them, inspiring them to try new things. They’ve been our children’s part-time parents.

Today, we thank them.

In the fall, our kids will torture a new set of teachers. They’ll tell on their friends, talk in the back of class, pass notes, cry, refuse to do something, burp and pass gas. They’ll also take what they learned this year and build. All we have to do as parents is wait for the countless pounds of paper to start showing up again and the joy and the pictures.

But first we have to get through summer.

Let’s be honest here, once school ends, it will be hard to keep our kids interested in anything for more than 5 minutes. Boredom will set in quickly. There are lots of things they can do, of course. Summer crafts, outside time, learning to cook, play dates with friends, games, reading activities, getting sent to timeout after hitting their sister, ignoring your repeated directives to do something, and telling you how bored they are while standing in line at Six Flags.


Teachers, our kids will miss your directions and support and guidance and awesome crafts they love to do for you but won’t for us, by July. We have a feeling you won’t be missing our kids just yet though, at least not until the suntan lotion runs out.

So, teachers, staff, administrators and volunteers and anyone else who walks the halls of CSC Elementary School everyday, thank you. Our one question is this… Do you do summer house calls?

Packed Lunches – Beginning of the year:

Flickr: rubbermaid / Via Creative Commons

Packed Lunches – End of the year

Helping with homework – beginning of the year:

Monkey Business Images / Via

Helping with homework – end of the year

Thanks to everyone for your support in this beautiful community of Cape St. Claire too. The PTO can’t do it without you. See you in the Fall!

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