calendarAsk my wife how well I utilize a calendar and she’ll laugh at you. It’s rare when my work calendar and personal calendar actually meet. I’m always up for a good double booking. Think I can volunteer at my son’s day camp and hold that meeting at the office simultaneously?

Sure, why not?

If there’s ever an opportunity in my life to automate something though, I try to do it. Take for instance the school year calendar. I don’t know about you but I’m not up for memorizing a whole bunch of dates. It’s bad enough that I forget my brother-in-law’s birthday every year. And, if you think about it, who has time (or even wants to) to pull up the Anne Arundel County schools website and enter in all those dates manually? Yuck. What if it changes? Will I even remember to do that? What if snow days make next year end in July?

That’s where the PTO comes in.

The power of the automated calendar


Adults only does not mean anything behind a dirty red curtain. It means only an activity where adults are allowed to go.

Here’s what I want you to do, make sure you lean in close as this information is important. Go visit this part of the Cape St. Claire PTO site on your smartphone. Flip phone users go here. Once the calendar pulls up, you can select whatever categories you’d like (multiples are fine) and then click that little subscribe button at the bottom left corner.

CSCPTO Calendar OptionsAdd the school calendar to whatever type of calendar you use. I promise that even though I’m not very good with my own personal calendar, we’ll keep this one correct.

Now, get back to sunshine, suntan lotion, screaming kids, and margaritas iced tea. While you’re laying there in the sun and dreaming about what this upcoming school year will bring, remember that you won’t be responsible for remembering when it will all take place. We will.

Oh yeah, while I’ve got your attention, we’d love to have to signup for the PTO and volunteer. Here’s where you can do that.

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