As you’re reading this, another minute will tick by on the way to our children’s first day of the 2014-2015 school year. Monday. The 25th of August. According to the countdown running on this very website, it will be here in only a few short days.

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How has your summer been? Did you take the kid(s) somewhere fun? Have you expanded their minds while they’ve frolicked among the sand and surf? Did they ride rollercoasters or swim in the pool? Did they spend late nights in their room laughing and giggling with their sleepover buddy? If the only thing you managed to do was keep them alive and keep them from killing each other, then you’ve done your job. The rest is a bonus.

vacationDon’t forget that this week, Thursday August 21st is the Teacher Meet and Greet up at Cape St. Claire Elementary. It starts at 2pm and it’s the one chance you get to find out who your student(s) will be having this year, if they aren’t in kindergarten of course. Parents of kindergartners already got a head start. Lucky.

The PTO has a lot of great things going on this year, one of which might include an online shop where you can pay your dues and other fundraising items. Of course, I might only be speculating. More details to come on that.

This is also a good time to sign up for the PTO! We’re always looking for people who don’t mind sacrificing their time to better our children’s educations. The sign up sheet is right here. More information on how you can help is right here.

So here’s to a good start of the school year next week. As you’re tucking your kids into bed on Sunday night and trying to hold back your excitement, remember that your sanity will come back gradually, so don’t expect miracles before October.

May this new school year be filled with friends, fun times, and learning. See you at school.

summer is over


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