Twas the night before school starts, when all through the house
All the children were whining, including the spouse.
The clothes were laid out, disheveled at best,
The mommy ecstatic to empty her nest.

The children were tossing around in their beds
While nightmares of homework haunted their heads.
With momma on her laptop and dad in a mood,
She smiled widely while he darkly stewed.

When in the kids rooms there arose such a clatter,
Mommy sprang from her work to see what was the matter.
It was just one of the children piteously crying.
Mommy just shrugged because no one was dying.

The moon, it shone brightly, the stars were a’winking
And Mommy couldn’t help but sigh as she was thinking.
The kids would be gone now for most of the day,
And now it was her time, she’d get to play.

Now homework! Now schedules! But late in the day.
So many free hours she’d spend her own way.
To drop the kids off! To send them to school!
Her hubby at work! The mom was no fool!

She was excited and happy as she went to bed.
She set her alarm clock that was next to her head.
Closing her eyes she falls into deep slumber,
7:00 is the magical number.

The alarm awakens her with a start,
she hopes that the kids will do fine apart.
She rises from bed to wake up the brood,
Ignoring the fact of their foul mood.

She kissed them goodbye and hurried them out.
She watched for a moment, they stomp and they pout.
In the kitchen her husband slams down his joe.
She kisses him and tells him it’s time that he go.

With everyone gone, she’s alone, it’s her break!
She whoops and she dances, and coffee she makes.
She exclaimed to no one, because no one’s in sight,
Finally in her world, all is quite right!

See you at school…. (tomorrow)

Thanks to Rock and Drool for this great post.


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