comic24The week of October 6th, the whole school will fall into Mad Math Minutes – an academic-based fundraiser where each correct math answer means more funds for guided reading materials for our school.

Here’s how it works:

Each student will collect pledges based on the possible number of correct math answers. Sponsors can also make a flat donation. On Mad Math Minutes day, students will take a Mad Math “test”. After tallying the answers all students will receive their score and collect their pledges.

Do your student(s) want a little practice? This site offers a great way to get their skills ready for the big day! Need another copy of the Student Pledge Sheet? We have that right here for you. OR, tell your pledges to pay for you right here on the website – make sure they use your name so you get the credit!

How to get pledges:

  • Ask only people you and your parents know.
  • Tell people this is an academic-based fundraiser to purchase reading materials for every grade in the school.
  • If people don’t want to pledge per correct answer, they can make a flat donation. NO amount is too small.
  • Complete the Pledge Sheet neatly and let people know you will come back to collect donations.
  • Make checks payable to CSC-PTO or use our website’s shop to use PayPal.


Show off your math skills and help raise funds for our school reading program!  Guided Reading Materials are books the teachers need for ALL grades at EVERY reading level.

Sponsored by the Cape St. Claire Elementary PTO:

For more information or to volunteer please contact: Kerry Wilson at or Jill Remson at

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