Book Fair – Book of the Day for Monday 11-17-2014

Life-on-mars-jennifer-brownOnce a day, through the end of the book fair (November 24th), we are going to run a book of the day. Today’s book is called Life on Mars by Jennifer Brown. From the website:

“Twelve-year-old Arcturus Betelgeuse Chambers comes from a family of stargazers, and his quest to find life on other planets is unstoppable. But when Arty’s family announces they’re moving to Las Vegas, the City of Lights threatens to put an end to his stargazing dreams forever, especially when he has to stay with his scary next door neighbor while his parents look for a house. As it turns out, “Mr. Death” isn’t terrifying at all; he’s actually Cash Maddox, a bonafide astronaut! But when Cash falls ill, will Arty find the courage to complete his mission by himself? And might he actually prove, once and for all, that there is life on Mars?”

This book is perfect for grades 4th through 9th. Interested in purchasing this book? You can do so by clicking here to order it online and give our book fair credit or stop by the Book Fair, which starts tomorrow, in the Cape St. Claire Elementary School Media Center. See you there!

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