We need your help!

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December 5, 2014
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We need your help!

10425050_10206006808875217_1684208147389264435_nThere’s a crisis in Cape St. Claire. I’m being serious.

This man, Tim Mahoney. Look at him – posing outside of the school. Selling himself out to raise money and awareness. That hat, the makeup, that hanging rope, those striped black and white sneakers. He has no coat on. No long underwear. Did you see that temperature this morning (I did – it was 3 with the wind chill). 3!

This is sacrifice.

We don’t want him to have to make this kind of sacrifice again. If we don’t raise enough money – if we don’t pack the Anne Arundel Community College with enough Cape St. Claire residents who long for a good party, who desire hanging Smartboards for their children; then he’ll be forced to wear it again on February 28th, outside of the entrance to the Dining Hall just like a Walmart greeter.

Minus the Walmart.

Please, help him. Please, help us. Please, help your children. Come to Mardi Gras, February 28th at 7pm at Anne Arundel Community College in the Dining Hall. Rub elbows with your neighbors, dance on tables, donate money to charity, win baskets of prizes, have fun.

Here’s your link:


Make the purchase, get a sitter, have a good time, celebrate. Tim Mahoney thanks you.

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