Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education has been helping schools earn the extra cash they need since 1996. Imagine what a difference 1 could make. Box Tops for Education has helped our kids’ schools earn over $300 million. Break it down, that’s $3,200 per school.

Every year, millions of people are clipping those little Box Tops, putting them in plastic baggies, and handing them into their schools. About 65,000 schools right now are using Box Tops earnings to fund much-needed supplies and equipment. Few could argue it’s not something worth doing.

So, consider this. What if we did just a little bit more? Just a little? What if we all asked just 1 friend to clip 10 Box Tops? Just 10? What if we ourselves just clipped 10 more Box Tops this year? What if we all shopped online as we normally shop, bought the stuff we normally buy, where we normally buy it, but with one small difference? What if we did it through the Box Tops Marketplace, earning up to 15 percent on our online purchases. Cash that goes directly to our schools.

How Can You Help?

  • Clip and save Box Tops for Cape St. Claire. Each coupon is worth  .10 cents
  • Get your family and friends involved
  • Sign up with Box Tops to keep track of your earnings
  • Make sure that they are only General Mills Box Tops and that they are not expired
  • Clip and submit. Whatever system works best for you – it will work for us. If you can group them in batches of 50 – GREAT! If you don’t get to that many or just don’t have time – please bring us what you have.
  • Look for the Box Tops Collection Bins at school
  • Shop online ( at over 100 popular internet retailers (e.g. Target, Walmart, Land’s End, Oriental Trading, Home Depot, Sears, etc.) to earn our school money
  • Help Cape. St Claire earn up to $20,000.00 a year at no cost to you!


If you have any questions try or contact Casey Harden. Also please check out the the Box Tops Fan page on Facebook to stay updated with latest news.