When:   Saturday, April 22, 2017 – Rain or Shine
Time:    5K 8:30 am, 1-Mile 8:45 am
Where:  Cape St. Claire Elementary School – Start & Finish
Why: The Cape St. Claire PTO hosts this event to promote fitness, family fun, and community involvement.

Entry Fee (Non-Refundable): by 4/1 After 4/1
Adults and Children 13 and Up $20 $25
Children 12 and Under $15 $20

PlaceBib NoAgeAge Group PlaceTotal TimeTotal Pace
1113231 Top Fin20:33.36:38/M
2152291 Top Fin20:37.96:39/M
3160191/9 M 19-3420:48.76:43/M
4183222/9 M 19-3421:12.46:50/M
5220323/9 M 19-3421:21.96:53/M
6189501/8 M 50-6922:01.67:06/M
7236284/9 M 19-3422:57.87:24/M
8230502/8 M 50-6923:11.87:29/M
9232401/17 M 35-4923:41.27:38/M
10187111/9 M 11-1123:45.67:40/M
11188221/15 F 19-3423:56.97:43/M
12151352/17 M 35-4924:01.57:45/M
13218342/15 F 19-3424:16.47:50/M
14249463/17 M 35-4924:33.27:55/M
15159543/8 M 50-6924:48.48:00/M
16155471/18 F 35-4925:17.78:09/M
17214121/3 M 12-1225:18.88:10/M
18126112/9 M 11-1125:22.58:11/M
19201122/3 M 12-1225:48.18:19/M
20185101/6 M 10-1026:08.08:26/M
2117081/9 M 8- 826:11.98:27/M
22172444/17 M 35-4926:20.58:30/M
23153355/17 M 35-4926:26.08:32/M
24176524/8 M 50-6926:45.28:38/M
25105101/4 F 10-1026:47.18:38/M
26109123/3 M 12-1227:21.98:49/M
27165416/17 M 35-4927:28.28:52/M
28254437/17 M 35-4927:39.58:55/M
29134575/8 M 50-6927:39.98:55/M
30133511/2 F 50-6927:42.18:56/M
31237113/9 M 11-1127:48.98:58/M
32147362/18 F 35-4927:57.49:01/M
33238131/2 M 13-1528:16.79:07/M
3421391/3 M 9- 928:17.09:07/M
35246333/15 F 19-3428:19.59:08/M
3619882/9 M 8- 828:24.39:10/M
3710783/9 M 8- 828:25.49:10/M
38216305/9 M 19-3428:30.49:12/M
3910384/9 M 8- 828:30.89:12/M
40245334/15 F 19-3428:31.29:12/M
41158398/17 M 35-4929:06.19:23/M
42117285/15 F 19-3429:07.59:24/M
43118286/9 M 19-3429:07.59:24/M
4424871/4 M 7- 729:13.49:25/M
45143363/18 F 35-4929:13.89:25/M
46157102/6 M 10-1029:21.79:28/M
4720381/1 F 8- 829:31.09:31/M
4824391/2 F 9- 929:33.99:32/M
49244103/6 M 10-1029:34.49:32/M
50192399/17 M 35-4929:48.69:37/M
5119085/9 M 8- 830:01.69:41/M
522514110/17 M 35-4930:01.89:41/M
5312372/4 M 7- 730:09.79:44/M
5422492/3 M 9- 930:22.79:48/M
55127216/15 F 19-3430:25.39:49/M
56257104/6 M 10-1030:26.39:49/M
572274811/17 M 35-4930:29.79:50/M
58247142/2 M 13-1530:38.29:53/M
59233114/9 M 11-1130:39.99:53/M
60164404/18 F 35-4930:40.39:54/M
612343912/17 M 35-4930:40.79:54/M
62173445/18 F 35-4931:18.510:06/M
6312251/1 F 0- 531:18.510:06/M
64125347/9 M 19-3431:20.610:06/M
652193913/17 M 35-4931:22.710:07/M
66154115/9 M 11-1131:36.410:12/M
672393914/17 M 35-4932:13.110:24/M
68104512/2 F 50-6932:13.910:24/M
691953715/17 M 35-4932:22.710:26/M
7019486/9 M 8- 832:23.210:27/M
71101227/15 F 19-3432:46.910:34/M
72221105/6 M 10-1032:56.710:37/M
73204116/9 M 11-1133:07.010:41/M
74119496/18 F 35-4933:16.510:44/M
75121387/18 F 35-4933:18.910:45/M
76205328/15 F 19-3433:27.210:47/M
77231319/15 F 19-3433:27.710:47/M
78212408/18 F 35-4933:37.910:51/M
79167429/18 F 35-4933:37.910:51/M
801084710/18 F 35-4933:56.010:57/M
8125687/9 M 8- 834:00.910:58/M
821484811/18 F 35-4934:21.411:05/M
8322388/9 M 8- 834:52.911:15/M
842253812/18 F 35-4934:53.511:15/M
852533713/18 F 35-4935:05.111:19/M
8621773/4 M 7- 735:12.011:21/M
871123816/17 M 35-4935:21.711:24/M
88150546/8 M 50-6935:26.711:26/M
8917774/4 M 7- 735:33.211:28/M
901793814/18 F 35-4935:36.811:29/M
9125892/2 F 9- 935:44.911:32/M
92259102/4 F 10-1035:45.411:32/M
9311571/1 F 7- 735:52.011:34/M
941163715/18 F 35-4935:53.311:35/M
95202617/8 M 50-6936:12.111:41/M
96191117/9 M 11-1136:47.611:52/M
97175111/1 F 11-1136:47.811:52/M
98255151/3 F 13-1536:55.411:55/M
99184142/3 F 13-1536:56.011:55/M
100132153/3 F 13-1537:02.011:57/M
101252618/8 M 50-6937:25.712:04/M
1021564716/18 F 35-4937:50.212:12/M
103131103/4 F 10-1037:52.712:13/M
104171104/4 F 10-1037:52.812:13/M
10519361/1 F 6- 638:11.012:19/M
1061963717/18 F 35-4938:11.512:19/M
1071103210/15 F 19-3438:28.412:25/M
10811493/3 M 9- 938:34.712:26/M
10916161/3 M 6- 641:27.113:22/M
1101623211/15 F 19-3441:27.113:22/M
1111204118/18 F 35-4941:35.213:25/M
1121453212/15 F 19-3441:38.213:26/M
113149118/9 M 11-1141:39.313:26/M
11419762/3 M 6- 641:40.913:26/M
115146338/9 M 19-3441:42.613:27/M
11614489/9 M 8- 841:55.113:31/M
11712963/3 M 6- 642:11.813:36/M
1181303013/15 F 19-3442:12.713:37/M
1192003414/15 F 19-3443:06.913:54/M
1202153817/17 M 35-4943:12.913:56/M
121241121/2 F 12-1244:03.014:13/M
122240122/2 F 12-1244:04.214:13/M
123199349/9 M 19-3444:18.314:17/M
1241822615/15 F 19-3444:22.414:19/M
125211119/9 M 11-1146:00.914:50/M
126235106/6 M 10-1046:03.614:51/M
It was an amazing event. Thank you for all of the sponsors and volunteers for making it possible. See you next year!

Older details – 2017:

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When: Wednesday, April 19, 2017 – 5:00- 8:00 pm

Spizzico Italian Kitchen will donate 20% of dine-in & carry out proceeds when patrons mention this fundraiser on the evening of April 19th, 2017.
In order to pick up your packet at Spizzico this night, please register by 4/16/17. Race packets may be picked up at Spizzico Italian Restaurant, 4/19/17 from 5:00-8:00pm.


7:30-10:30 am – Fit Family Festival
7:30 – 8:15 am – Packet Pick-up & Limited Late Registration
8:15 am – Chorus/National Anthem
8:20 am – Warm up with Premier Fitness
8:30 am – 5K start
8:45 am – 1M start
ASAP after finish & calculations: Awards Ceremony
10:00 – 10:30 am – DanceFit with Sheri


To register, use the form that came home with your students or by Paypal or credit card through our website:

Sorry, online registration is closed


How do I register?

Click the button below to register online. Sorry, but online registration is closed. Paper forms will be sent home in early March with all Cape students.

Can I register on the day of the event?

Due to a high volume of early registrants, race day registration will be limited this year and shirts are not guaranteed.

Where can I pick up my packet?

You can pick up your packet at Spizzico on 4/19 from 5-8 pm or from 7:30-8:15 on race morning at the school.

My children are running/walking. Can I accompany them without registering?

If you have very young children participating in the 1 mile event, you do not need to register. However, every registration supports our school, so we encourage you to register. (It’s a fundraiser, folks!) If you have a child participating in the 5K and you intend on accompanying him or her on the course, you must register for the event. The 5K course is for registered participants only. Plus, without a registration you won’t get race swag!

What kind of swag will I get?

If you register by 4/1 you will get an athletic shirt in your choice of size (Youth XS- Adult XXL). All youth finishers in both distances will receive a finisher medal as well.

Are there prizes?

Medals will be awarded to the first and second place finishers in various age categories.

What about bathrooms?

They are available in the school.

What about food?

Standard race refreshments will be on hand for participants.

Will there be a water stop?

On the 5K, there will be one midway water stop.

What about parking?

Limited parking is available at the school and in the adjacent field parking lot. We encourage you to walk/bike if you can or find street parking.

Where will the money go?

Funds raised will help support the physical education department at the elementary school. Specifically, we are enhancing playground equipment for the children.

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes! We gladly welcome stroller rollers. In fact, our generous friends at Another Mother Runner have offered a prize for the first stroller across our 5K finish line.

Can I participate if I don’t have a student in the school?

Of course you can! This is a community event, and we welcome all participants.

I don’t want to run. Is there anything for me?

There sure is! Our race day vendor fair will be hopping, so join us at the school for some shopping and freebies. Also, we encourage cheering along the way. Come out and support our runners. There may even be some prizes for the most enthusiastic race fans.

What is the course like?

The course map is provided above for your reference. Starting at the school, it winds through the neighborhood and downhill toward River Bay. The water stop and half-way point are near the Main Beach. From there, you encounter some rolling hills and the Hampton Hill, which is a challenge. The finish is back at the school.

What if I don’t know whether I want to walk or run the 5K?

The main difference in this type of registration is whether you want a timing chip or not. Participants who register as a runner will receive a timing chip, while participants who register as a walker will not receive a timing chip.

Does it matter if I run or walk the 1 mile?

The 1 mile course is not timed. Feel free to sprint or take a leisurely stroll.

What do I do if I have more questions?

Anything else I should know?

The Cape fun run is a fantastic opportunity to run through the streets of our quaint community. Here are some fun facts about this event:


  1. Wear the shirt. This isn’t normal race protocol, but for this event folks turn up in the race shirt. New this year, the shirt will be athletic material, perfect for your fitness needs.
  2. Bring your wallet. Again, not normal race protocol, but the fun run has a fantastic vendor fair you won’t want to miss. There will be lots of local vendors pedaling their amazing wares, plus race sponsors giving out goodies.
  3. The pasta party of years past is now a pizza party! Pick up packets and grab a pizza (or any other fine Italian dish) from Spizzico on 4/19 from 5-8 pm and a portion of your bill will be donated to the school.
  4. Snacks will be served. What is a race without a few extra carbs!
  5. Get ready for family-friendly fun! We hope you enjoy a fun-filled Saturday with your peeps!


For more information or to VOLUNTEER, please contact Race Director, Krista Roche at cscfunrun@yahoo.com